Mad, Mad World Tour: Austin, USA

A review by The Iconic Meat Loaf’s Resident Reviewer DeenaJ
Date of concert:  Friday, June 22, 2012
Location:  Austin City Limits @ the Moody Theater, Texas
First off, a little TMI, beginning Thursday night & through Friday morning, I had made myself soooo nervous that I couldn’t eat a thing without feeling nauseous, which led to my stomach feeling sick a little. So before we went to the venue I had to stop at a gas station for Imodium or Pepto Bismol. LOL Then while I munched on those tablets in the parking lot, Kandi started setting up the GPS. No such thing as Willie Nelson Blvd. NOOOO?!
Ended up in my 1st taxi whose driver happened to be on his literal 1st week on the job. He tried using HIS GPS too, to no avail!!! He ended up calling someone to get familar landmarks. LOL And FYI, his driving made me a lil’ bit sick as well. Like I needed that!!!
We get to the venue and make it to the sign-in table. Only 2 other women are there. And guess what? They are from Shreveport, Louiana (MAYBE 3 hours from my current town in southeast Arkansas)! So naturally we talked and then figured out we had 15 friends in common on FaceBook….Thus my new friend Lindsey! LOL
I wasn’t too happy with the hostess though. There wasn’t that big a crowd for the M&G but I could hardly ever hear her instructions! And she never warned us when we were getting ready to go anywhere. I would just look up and everybody would be filing out of the room!!!
Anyway, we got into this room with a conference table, chandeliers, etc. Photography, lighting & a backdrop were set up in the corner. And at that point I noticed Kandi was shaking! Poor thing was about as nervous as I was!!!! LOL
Suddenly a woman maybe in her 50s came in, who ended up being Meat’s assistant, I think…  We were being relocated because Meat’s knee was bothering him too much to climb the stairs. So we ended up trekking downstairs to the backstage! Black tour cases stacked halfway up to the ceiling, the band members lounging around in the couches, etc. It was crazy, surreal!
I started chatting with Lindsey and a few others at the end of the line next to a tall stack of black cases… This one lady, Kathy, had come all the way from Ohio to see him; and she said she had seen him 15+ times already… The assistant even knew her name!!!!
In fact, I figured out a few days later that Kathy is actually one of the MLUKFC members, and I just didn’t realize it at the time.  Very cool!
Then I heard a commotion from the right; but thanks to the crowd moving in front of me, I couldn’t see anything yet. Yup that was Meat’s voice!!!! =D Apparently he was slowly going around asking everyone their names & where they were from. I would say 90% were either from Austin or Dallas. He came up to Kandi, shook her hand; and she said Arkansas. He got this twinkle in his eye, looked from her to me & actually backed away a couple steps. He started talking about how he has always tried to avoid thinking about Arkansas because Texas &
Arkansas have always been football rivals. But when he DOES think about it, all he can hear is “Pig Woo.” (>.<) Seriously? Then he grinned and said Ok let’s do it —tried to get me & Kandi to do the Hog Call (Wooo Pig Sooie) with him. At this point I crossed my arms over my chest, turned my head away, closed my eyes (smiling of course) and said “NOPE! I don’t do that!!!!”  The main reason was, thanks to my horrible problem
with shyness, I got really embarassed really quick…  Anyway. He laughed at me and turned to the next person… Now did you notice a glaring omission there? He never asked where I was from or what my name was. LOL  Whoops!  Oh well!
Picture time.  We had to bring our own cameras, but the hostess would take the pic for us. The assistant made sure we knew only 2 pics per group. In other words Kandi & I had to decide if we wanted 2 separate shots or not. Kandi decided she definitely wanted a pic of us together so she said I could have the individual one as well.
And yes, we were last in line. Actually, the line almost made a complete circle because Iwas standing almost shoulder to shoulder (well at 4 feet, 9 inches tall —you know what I mean) with Meat.  In fact right before anyone could start getting their pics taken, he turned to me and smacked MY arm, talking about Arkansas again. Come on, really?!
But then he said that it was okay, he even blinks his eyes in Los Angeles & misses seeing it. I couldn’t help myself at that point… “Oh you mean you fall asleep?” Bahahahaha I don’t think he heard me say that though!
Finally my turn for pictures came… I walk up to him but before I can turn toward the hostess holding my camera, he grabs my “Loafdom 4 the Turtle lanyard” and pulls it close to read it.  He practically choked me since he held onto it as he pulled his reading glasses from his shirt pocket. Finally he lets go, we turn, he puts his arm around my shoulder and CLICK!  The picture was taken!
I then remember to give him the new LFTT wristband, which he took the time to look at closely and smile… But as Kandi walks up to take the 2nd pic with us, he turns to me again and brings up his problems with the new FaceBook setup (for example, anything related to the Painted Turtle –comments, posts, etc. show up on his page now). So we start talking about that for several minutes. Apparently we tuned out everyone since all of a sudden we realize “Whoops! We gotta finish pics!” Unfortunately we didn’t catch it in time. I hate saying this but the group pic isn’t the best in the world. In it, I’m not looking at the camera at all, Kandi WAS grinning/ lookin at it, and Meat wasn’t smiling.  I just didn’t realize that the pic was bad until later that night.  Awww!!! I feel horrible about it too!  Luckily a few days later, I asked a friend to attempt fusing the two photos together; now we have an awesome group photo to share!  =D
Anyway it was then time for Meat to get ready for the show. He puts on a flashy black cowboy hat, makes a wisecrack to the the entire crowd, signs the only personal autograph of the Meet & Greet for a veteran in a wheelchair, thanks us all for  being so polite/wonderful/not like any other he has been to… Then he leaves.
The hostess then herds us out the backstage toward the area with merchandising & the bar. But as we are leaving, somebody bumps into my back hard enough to make me stumble (was trying to go around us, down the other end of the hall from where we were going). Before I even turn around to see who it was, we are both apologizing. And when I do turn around, I nearly get knocked in the head with the neck of a guitar.
Thanks Paul!!!!!! (>.<) I look over at Kandi, and she is trying hard not to laugh. Apparently she had seen it coming but decided NOT to warn me, saying it would make a better story to tell later.. What in the world?! LOL
As for the actual show, A-MA-ZING! Meat sounded awesome & had so much fun up there on the stage.!!! I did notice a few problems though —the video backdrop kept freezing up @ first, Meat picked up his guitar to sing a song then realize it wasn’t time for that song at all yet, and he almost forgot BAND introductions at the end of the entire show until Patti whispered in his ear; but hey, it was the 1st show of the tour so there were bound to be glitches. I just know he went home & thrashed himself over it though, the perfectionist that he is….
By the way, the crowd was seriously into the show, screams, dancing, impromptu sing-alongs, etc! The music vibrated in my chest like it was almost alive too. I could not stop grinning!!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and even was able to take home one of Meat Loaf’s own guitar picks later. Although she actually preferred the Dallas show in 2010, Kandi said she wants to try to pay for M&G for Bossier City herself.
Whether or not, we attend another show in this tour, I don’t know.  But we will see…