London 2012 Album Signing

A review by The Iconic Meat Loaf’s Graphic Designer JennaG

Event Date: 28th February 2012
Location: HMV Oxford Street, London, UK

I had always thought that album signings were something that other people went to and they weren’t the kind of thing I could ever see myself at but when the news came out that Meat Loaf would be doing a signing in promotion for his new album Hell In A Handbasket it made me think again. I had no good reason not to go and the only thing stopping me was fear. Well I didn’t want to let fear stop me so I decided that I’d go.

On the day of the signing, I arrived at the store and wasn’t really sure on what to do so I asked a member of the store’s security team who was pleasant but explained that he didn’t really know much about it. He gave me the directions to their back door where another member of the security team would be able to give me more information. After I had found out what I needed to know I met up with Caryl, who is a colleague of mine from Loafdom for The Turtle (a group set up to raise funds for The Painted Turtle) and together we worked hard selling a selection of jewellery and wristbands to the waiting fans. I was concerned before the signing that I wouldn’t know many people but doing this fundraising gave me the opportunity to meet and chat so some really lovely people.

Eventually it was time for the signing to begin and Meat Loaf was warmly welcomed by cheers and applause as he made his arrival. He posed for a few photos for the press before taking his seat at the table. I didn’t have to wait long for my turn and gave the him the card I’d bought along before showing him the item I had brought with me for signing. The piece I had chosen was the Stand In The Storm artwork that he liked and included in an edited form in the cover booklet for Hell In A Handbasket. He looked down at the artwork, looked up at me then looked at the artwork again before signing his name and saying thank you. I didn’t speak to him as I was quite nervous but it was lovely to have had the opportunity to meet him again.

It’s something I was glad I did because I know I’d have been wondering what I’d missed if I hadn’t have taken up the opportunity.