Hang Cool Tour: Milwaukee, USA

A review by Guest Reviewer Danielle Mueller

Date of Concert: 29th June 2011
Location: Milwaukee Summerfest, Milwaukee, USA

Last night (June 29, 2011) I got the pleasure of attending the Milwaukee Summerfest and Meat Loaf’s performance on their new Briggs and Stratton Big Backyard stage! The first tip I learned is to get there extremely early! At 5:00, the Summerfest officials held the opening ceremonies then at 6:30, a cover band by the name of Briggs Bluesbusters took the stage and the stage area was already filling up for Meat’s performance at 10pm. I also have to blame my wonderful husband who gave me crap for wanting to get as far to the front as possible, in order to calm his whining, I settled for a spot near the middle of the crowd. At the stage, there where bleacher-type benches for people to sit on, as Meat’s performance neared, they became what you stood on! I got frustrated at this early on but went with the old saying “If you can’t beat them, you might as well join them” and up on the bleacher I went to get a view of the action!!!

Finally, after a HALF HOUR LONG (Literally) firework show, the crowd adjusting themselves back to stage view, and a short chant of “MEAT LOAF, MEAT LOAF etc” Meat took the stage with “Hot Patootie” and the crowd was wild! Towards the end of the song, Meat and Patti demonstrated the “Time Warp” dance and Meat did a little solo hip-action dance!!! (sexy!) “Break It” immediately started after Hot Patootie and the crowd did not slow down!! I heard a lot of the crowd singing along to all of the Meat classics! “Bat Out Of Hell” began and I swear I heard other bands in the Fest stop playing on their stage just to hear Meat’s perfomance! After BOOH ended Meat said “You know, Milwaukee, that probably scared the fuck out of you hearing that song third, I can tell ya, It scared the fuck out of me too!” Then into the HCTB trilogy of “Peace On Earth”, “Living On The Outside” and “Los Angeloser”. Funny thing is Meat proceeded to drop the “F” bomb many times throughout the concert but when it came to singing “I drive a shit car” he muted out the word “shit”..Really? Seriously? Then into “You Took The Words..” and Meat proceeded to make the crowd sing the chorus for like five minutes!! My throat is still scratchy almost 12 hours later! Thanks Meat! LOL! “Anything for Love”, “Rock N Roll Dreams” and “Two Of Three Aint Bad” followed and before each song, a member of NLE did a instrumental solo. Randy and Paul did the exact same acoustic solo and Meat explained that Paul grew up in the east dropping acid and listening to Pink Floyd and Randy grew up in Memphis drinking Jack Daniels and listening to Charlie Daniels, Meat just dropped acid! LOL! Meat sat for “Two out of Three” and said that people said “oh he’s just tired” he gave a big “Fuck You” before belting it out! It was hilarious! Justin and Patti then joined Meat for “Boneyard/All Revved Up” then the encore performance of “Mercury Blues”.

It was an spectacular performance full of energy and fun! A ton of laughter, Meat being a complete kid at heart but I know he had that “just became a grandfather” glow about him! He looked really good and alive! I heard many people saying he was a monster on stage! It was just brilliant!! I am so excited that I got to go and now the wait is on for September! I hope to get a better camera before then because I didn’t get the best pictures!