Why You Shouldn’t Meet Your Idols – And Why That’s Not Always The Case

An article by The Iconic Meat Loaf’s Graphic Designer JennaG

I have heard people say that you shouldn’t meet your idols but isn’t that a fairly ‘normal’ kind of a dream for any fan? In some cases those fans may not ever get the chance to meet their idols but sometimes they do and sometimes those fans end up being disappointed after that meeting.
Can you imagine what it feels like to have built up a picture of someone in your mind but when you actually meet them you discover that they’re not actually like that at all? What’s worse is if you discover that your idol is actually rather an arrogant and self-centred individual who does not value the support of their fans. It’s enough to put you off of being a fan of that person.

Fortunately they’re not all like that.

I have met Meat Loaf on five occasions now and every time I have met him, he has been extremely polite and friendly. I admit to putting him on that ‘idol’ pedestal which I now think was responsible for my extreme nerves on my first meeting with him. It was a strange feeling when he walked into the room, I couldn’t quite believe that he was real and by the time I approached him I was terrified. At that point, he probably could have just posed for the photo and moved on but that’s not in his nature. Meat Loaf genuinely puts his fans happiness as a matter of importance and he spent time trying to make conversation with me and tried his best to put me at ease. I’d got so overwhelmed with nerves that I couldn’t really respond to him properly, jumped when he put his arm around me for the photo and was wishing the ground would swallow me up. It was almost as if I couldn’t get away fast enough but Meat called me back and gave me the fist pound that he’d been using to greet fans at that M&G. Looking back upon it, he probably called me back because he wanted to give me some kind of reassurance that he understood and it was ok.
When reading accounts of Meet and Greets with some other artists, it is mentioned on occasions that the interaction you have with the artist is very limited with some fans giving accounts that you only got a few seconds with them whilst your photo was being taken. I remember my fourth M&G with Meat and it was an experience that is so different from the idea of a Meet and Greet that is given by others. There were about 20 fans there and we were sat in a semi-circle. When Meat arrived, the group greeted him with applause but he hushed us saying that HE should be the one applauding US and did so before pulling up a chair to talk to the group. It was a very relaxed and informal meeting with Meat telling stories about his recent knee operation like he was sat in the kitchen chatting to old friends. He spent quite a while chatting to us, before he was reminded by the staff that we weren’t going to have much time for photos if he carried on talking. Whilst the photos were being taken, we had the opportunity to have a few words with Meat individually although on this occasion I didn’t have all that much to say to him.  Meat continued to use this format in his later Meet and Greets which was well recieved by fans and I can’t say that I’ve seen anyone say that they wished they’d never met him. No, he wasn’t quite as I expected him to be on that first occasion I met him in 2010 but I certainly wasn’t disappointed with the lovely man I did meet.