Our Guide to Concerts

Meat Loaf always puts on a wonderful show and the majority of fans who go to them have a wonderful evening. To help you get the most out of your concert experience, we have written a guide.

  • It goes without saying that the best places to buy your tickets are from reputable ticket sellers. Have a look at the ‘SHOWS’ link on Meat Loaf’s Official Website and use one of the links that they have given there or go direct to the venue themselves. We’re not saying that everyone selling tickets on eBay is out to scam you, they could simply be a fan who can no longer make the show but you have less protection from buying tickets that way.
  • Beware of Meet and Greet Packages you see advertised for sale on eBay. In most cases you will need to present ID at the show and on the current tour, the names of the attendees are collected at the point of purchase and are NOT transferrable.
  • Work out in advance how you’re going to get to the show, how long it should take and allow enough time for delays. You don’t want to walk in to discover he’s already several songs into his set. It’s also worth thinking about how you’re going to get home. Not all cities will have a public transport system that will run late into the evening and there can sometimes be a long wait for taxis so consider staying in a hotel near the venue if getting home will be difficult.
  • Not all venues will accept card payments for merchandise and cashpoints (ATM’s) can be expensive so check with the venue in advance or take it in cash.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes. At some shows you could be on your feet for a couple of hours!
  • In some cases you will be searched on entering the venue and the security personnel will have been advised as to what items are permitted. We appreciate that it may be annoying to have your items confiscated but try to remember that it isn’t usually the fault of the person conducting the search and if you have cause for complaint then you should take it up with the venue’s management.
  • If the ticket states that no cameras are allowed then you should respect this request. If you are found to have a camera when this rule is in place then it will be confiscated. Unless you have a photo pass (issued to photographers approved by the promoters) then professional-type cameras, with interchangeable lenses will not be allowed.
  • Although in most cases Meat will allow photos to be taken at his shows, bootleg recordings don’t often do his performances justice and video recordings are not permitted.
  • Beware of bogus officuials checking tickets. Only hand your ticket over to venue staff, who should be in uniform and have proper ID.
  • Most venues discourage audience members from bringing banners and posters as they can obstruct the view of the people behind you so it is recommended that these are left at home.
  • Don’t try to sneak backstage. Security at the venues are usually very good at preventing people from accessing areas that they do not have permission to be in.  Meat Loaf works hard on stage to give you all a great show and it is courteous not to disturb him during his private time before and after the show. If you’d like to meet Meat Loaf, then consider purchasing a Meet and Greet package, which includes a great seat for the show as well as giving you the opportunity to meet Meat at a time when he’s prepared and happy to be meeting fans.
  • Be considerate of other fans and don’t push and shove your way to get closer to the front. If you are at a standing show then it goes without saying that if you want a better chance of being near the front then you will have to queue up early.
  • You may not like the support act but be respectful of the fact that they have been chosen to support Meat by not talking over their performance.