Meet and Greet Survival Guide

So you’ve managed to get yourself a Meet and Greet with the man himself but are nervous about what to expect and what to say and do? Well here is our survival guide to help you get the most of the experience.

  • Before the Meet and Greet you will be sent an email giving you instructions on where and what time you will have to meet the co-ordinator. This person will usually collect your signed disclaimer and issue you with any items that have been advertised with the package that won’t be posted as well as your Meet and Greet pass.
  • Make sure you read the itinerary email properly as it will tell you whether autographs and personal cameras are permitted.
  • If it’s your first Meet and Greet and you’re nervous, DON’T WORRY! Meat is a very understanding man and has seen it so many times before as well as having experienced nerves himself when meeting famous people.
  • If you think that the nerves may be too much for you, bring remedies which will help you to feel more comfortable. Whether that is Pepto-Bismol if you’re feeling sick or Rescue Remedy just to help calm your nerves, no one wants to be feeling rough when they want to be enjoying the experience.
  • Although Meat doesn’t expect to be given gifts at a Meet and Greet, an interesting gift may provide a useful starting point for a conversation. When choosing a gift think about what would really interest him and choose with the same consideration that you’d put into choosing a gift for a friend.
  • Remember that Meat is also on the spot at Meet and Greets and you can make things easier for him by going prepared with something in mind that you’d like to ask him or talk to him about.
  • Be courteous to the other fans at the M&G and don’t try to dominate other fans time with Meat or try to hog his attention. Everyone has paid the same to be there and are entitled to their moment with him.
  • Meat is a human being and should be treated with the same courtesy as anyone else. You wouldn’t demand kisses and hugs from anyone else so don’t do it to him.