Meat Loaf Moments

Meat loves to meet his fans as much as they love to meet him and some fans have shared their moments with us.

“At the M&G 2013 in Birmingham… I was wearing a Yankees shirt and when Meat came to me he called me a suck up as he supports the Dallas Cowboys but the rest of the band support the Yankees! So we had a bit of a giggle there but when it came to the photo, I think Jenna was before me, he looked at me and said, “come on then, suck up!” When I had my photo taken I told him how Im gonna cry at For Crying Out Loud. The camera snapped and he looked at me and said, “not before I do dude!” I looked my idol square in the eyes, smiled and said, “I’ll bet you any money you like that I’ll be crying as soon as Justin starts playing!” Meat said, “we’ll see!” Smiled and I started to walk off so the next person could have their photo. But as I was walking away he shouted me and said, “I was listening to it on the bus from the O2 and I started crying and everyone said, “what’s wrong with you?” And I said “oh Crying Out Loud’s on!“. Epic moment having a sneaky bet with my idol but being called as I finished my turn!”
– Ollie


“Has to be my one and only Meat and Greet where he tried to get Ash to propose to me now that is definitely a story to tell the Grandkids”
– Sara


“In February last year I found out that Meat Loaf did a album signing in the HMV store in London. So I decided to travel over there from Belgium. When we were in the store and it was my turn, I was very nervous because I’d never met him before but when I stood before him it went all good, he made me feel very comfortable. He signed my Hell In A Handbasket booklet and then I said ”hello” to him and he looked up to me and shaked my hand and then answered ”how are you dear” that was very cool. I told him also that I came all the way from Belgium and that I liked his jacket, thank you he said at the end and then I was told to go on from the security. It was a great experience !”
– Marleen


“I met Meat Loaf when I was 3 yrs old and was in an American magazine for being the world’s youngest fan. I had a motorbike like his, so much memorabilia.. I saw him last year at the HMV signing and had his autograph tattooed on my leg. Massive fan, always have, always will be!”
– Tanya


“It was back in 2009 when there was the old “”….and m&g’s had been won as part of vip purchase through .net. Deb won one for Orlando FL..but Meat had to cancel his M&G because he was ill. The following year the M&Gs were offered as purchase packages and a bunch of us felt Deb should get one free due to the circumstances above. I started a thread called “do the right thing Meat please” …it was quite long and Meat never posted in it. No Fireball, nothing. So…my first time meeting Meat we all stood & sat in a circle at Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater Florida. A lot of fan club members met for that show. Meat walks in…says “who’s here from the fan site?” A bunch raised our hands, asked our screen names and went around the room, left to right. Came to me..I said “Karen Guarino” pointed his finger at me and did the “come here thing” with his pointer finger. At which point I turned around and looked at the wall….lol because no way did he mean ME…LOL. He did, and as he took me into the hallway..(I was shaking, closest I’d ever been to him, first meet) he said to me you put something on the web site about a girl….where is she? I said “Deb! She’s outside waiting for us“. He said “go get her“. I screamed and asked if I could hug him…and I did. He sent me out with a security escort and Deb came in. It was AWESOME. LOVE THAT MAN.”
– Karen


” Best moment ever… Meat points at me in the Cardiff 2013 M&G “I know you!” lol”
– Mel


Mine is when Meat was playing the piano at the Hershey M&G. I got it on video and it’s a great keepsake that I shall keep to myself”
– Nicole


“At the M&G in Oberhausen the first thing he said was ” I know you” when I went up to talk to him. It had been an month since the M&G in London. I loved the extra time I had with him whilst they were taking the photo because I missed the M&G in Frankfurt.”
– Marleen


“It was August 2012 in Nashville, TN …. first Meat banging on the window inside the van trying to get my attention when he saw me standing by the Ryman before the show. Then again when he invited me backstage to spend the time with him and watch him warm up with Justin before the show as his way of thanking me. A truly amazing gesture, and something I’ll never forget as long as I live.”
– Vicki

Thank you to all the fans that have sent us their stories. If you’ve got a moment to share then contact us and we’ll put it on the site.