The Team

Jenna – Manager/Graphic Designer

I was born in a town not far away from the historic city of Bath, UK and have been teaching myself website and graphic design through the running of fansites since 2005. Despite the interest I have in the subject, I actually studied Health Studies at college and have spent most of my working life in various retail environments.
I grew up listening to Meat Loaf’s music and became a fan in my own right when I was 13. I attended my first concert in the December of 2010 and from the moment he walked off that stage, I knew that I’d have to see him again. It was at this concert in 2010 that I met Meat Loaf for the first time and have since met him on four other occasions. In 2011, a graphic I had created was recognised by Meat Loaf himself and was later included in the cover booklet for ‘Hell In A Handbasket’. This was beyond anything I had ever dreamed of and I am immensely thankful to Meat Loaf for his kind words and for the honour of having my work included in such a fantastic album.  In addition to being involved with The Iconic Meat Loaf, I am involved with Loafdom for The Turtle.

Caryl – Resident Reviewer

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Emily – Content Assistant

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In Loving Memory of Sue – Former Assistant Manager/Content Assistant

Sue Lacina, Assistant Manager for The Iconic Meat Loaf and one of the founding members of the Loafdom For The Turtle organisation, sadly died on Thursday, 11 October, 2012.

Sue spent most of her working life as a Paralegal with a stint of several years working as a Certified Nursing Assistant. She lived in Pennsylvania USA and had two sons, and 3 grandchildren. She had been a Meat fan since 1977, and although she didn’t follow his career closely, she literally wore out audio cassette copies of Bat Out Of Hell. The album still ranked highly on her playlist, being joined by Welcome To The Neighbourhood and the other albums she missed whilst raising her family. She first attended a Meat Loaf concert in 2007 on the Monster is Loose tour, in 2010 and 2011 on the Hang Cool Tour, and again on the Mad, Mad Worl Tour tour in 2012.

Sue joined The Iconic Meat Loaf team in 2011 when the site was still known as Everything Louder. Her support during those days was invaluable and without this support, the site’s future would have been very uncertain. The most recognisable contribution that Sue made, outside of this support is on the header of every page on our website, our images and every part of our network and that is the actual name of this website.

The Iconic Meat Loaf is proud to have known such a wonderful lady and she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

Deena – Former Resident Reviewer

I was born & raised in southeast Arkansas, USA, in which my southern drawl can certainly attest.  For a little while, I was a high school English teacher and still love to think about that time in my life.  But as a life-long “book worm,” I always felt I belonged working in a library; so I obtained my Master of Education degree and became a library media specialist for a small-town middle school almost five years ago.  Generally, I am either nose-deep in a book, writing poetry & short stories, or proofreading other people’s works; however, I frequently switch on my self-professed “computer geek” mode too, where I dabble in audio, video & photo editing.

As far as Meat Loaf is concerned, I have been a fan for over twenty years but have only been able to attend his shows within the last few years.  My favorite memory to date is from his Dallas House of Blues show in 2010.  And yes, I said “show” instead of “concert.” In my opinion, a concert implies just lively music on a stage.  But a Meat Loaf show expands well past that simplicity and becomes a physcially & emotionally exhaustive show -pure & simple!  In only a few weeks more to wait, I will finally get to achieve a once-in-a-lifetime dream; one of my best friends and I will get to see Meat Loaf face-to-face for the first time, as part of a Meet & Greet package.  The whole concept is surreal…  And I cannot wait to share that experience with the members of this site when I can finally put the experience into words later on.

Natalie – Former News Editor

I’ve only been a Meat Loaf fan a few years after discovering a link to one of his songs on a friend’s blog and from that moment on I was hooked. I was lucky enough to be able to attend one of the shows on his Last At Bat Tour which was simply amazing.