Site FAQ

Are you affiliated with Meat Loaf?
The Iconic Meat Loaf is just a fansite and has no contact with him or his representatives.

Has Meat Loaf ever been to this site?
We don’t know. Unless he chooses to contact us to let us know he has visited, we have no way of telling.

Have you ever met Meat Loaf? What is he like?
Jenna, Caryl and Deena have met Meat.  He’s a thoroughly decent man with a kind heart and a warm and friendly nature. He is one of the most down-to-earth ‘celebrities’ you’ll ever meet.

Can I use your images in my own projects?
Yes. The screencaps which have been taken from TV/Film projects are uploaded for everyone to enjoy and you may use them in a non-commercial context long as you don’t claim them as your own. Prior consent must be obtained for the use of graphics or original photographs in commercial or editorial purposes.

Can I request a screencap?
We are willing to do our best to fulfil any request for screencaps. Please contact us with as many details about what you’re looking for as possible and we will get back to you.

What programs do you use to create your screencaps and graphics?
The screencaps on our site are created with PowerDVD 11 and Photoshop CS6. We also use Photoshop CS6 for all of our graphics, with the exception of any animated graphics, which are created with Animation Shop 3.

Do you edit your screencaps before uploading them?
With the exception of adding our tag, the majority of screencaps are uploaded as they were when they were taken. Occasionally some screencaps may need sharpening if they look a little bit too blurry or their brightness and contrast adjusted if the colouring is too dark or light.

Why are a lot of your images marked with Everything Louder Screencaps and Graphics?
Between 27th June 2010 and 30th November 2011, this site was known as Everything Louder Screencaps and Graphics.

Is there a way to join the team for The Iconic Meat Loaf?
If you feel you have skills to offer us then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using any of the links in the side bar.

I own a Meat Loaf related website, will you link to my site?
We are more than happy to link to other Meat Loaf related websites. Just send us an email letting us know your site address and a few details about your site. Please exchange the same courtesy to us and add our link somewhere on your own website.

I own a website that is related to music will you link to my site?
We will exchange links with other music websites providing that they do not contradict the mission statement of this site. Please send us an email and someone will get back to you.

I am running a campaign. Will The Iconic Meat Loaf be willing to offer support?
The Iconic Meat Loaf is willing to support campaigns to give Meat Loaf the recognition he deserves or to support causes close to his heart. A member of your campaign team is advised to contact us with the details of your campaign.

Can I send you a review or some graphics for inclusion on the website?
We welcome the submission of graphics and reviews from visitors and will always give you credit. If you’re interested please contact us .

What do you do with the money you receive from donations?
The Iconic Meat Loaf forwards on any donations we recieve to Loafdom For The Turtle, which is a website set up by Meat Loaf fans to raise money for The Painted Turtle. They include our donations when they send their monthly payment to the charity.

Why do your donations go on to The Painted Turtle?
The Iconic Meat Loaf were touched by Meat Loaf’s dedication to raising money for The Painted Turtle on Celebrity Apprentice and we wanted to do something to honour his dedication. The Painted Turtle are a wonderful charity who allow children with chronic medical conditions to experience the joy of going to camp. It allows them to achieve things that they may not normally be able to do.

Do you have a forum? Where can I go to chat about Meat Loaf with other fans?
We do not have a forum at The Iconic Meat Loaf but if you would like to chat about Meat Loaf or his work with other fans then we would like to recommend the Meat Loaf UK Fan Club, a well-established community for Meat Loaf fans. Membership is free but you will need approval before you can post.