About This Site

The Iconic Meat Loaf is a website that focuses primarily on screencaps and graphics and we aim to provide Meat Loaf fans with the largest archive of screencaps and graphics anywhere on the web. In addition to our galleries we aim to provide up to date news on Meat Loaf as well as reviews of his projects. We hope you’ll find something of interest on our site and we’re always open to suggestions. The Iconic Meat Loaf is a website that prides itself on respecting Meat Loaf and his work and this extends to everything that carries our name. We will not publish anything we determine as having the potential to cause him offence and we expect fans to remember this when contributing to any part of our network.


Celebrity Site of The Day: 8th June 2011 (as Everything Louder Screencaps and Graphics)
Celebrity Site of The Day: 9th December 2011


The Iconic Meat Loaf is purely a fansite for Meat Loaf (Michael Lee Aday). We are not affilated with Mr Aday, his friends and family, or his management. All original content including graphics and written content was created by The Iconic Meat Loaf/Everything Louder unless otherwise stated and cannot be reproduced or edited without permission. We do not intend to infringe on original copyright by posting anything on our website but if you are a copyright owner and would like your content removed, we will gladly do so immediately with no objection.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or queries, please email us at: theteam@theiconicmeatloaf.com

Site History

Everything Louder Screencaps and Graphics was launched in May 2010  and was a website predominantely dedicated to screencaps and graphics of the singer and actor Meat Loaf. Prior to its launch as a screencap and graphics site, Everything Louder was going to be a community based site hosted on the Ning platform. A month after the decision to launch Everything Louder as a community site, the platform withdrew their free service. The paid services were looked into but to get the functionality that would be required would cost a fair amount of money. An alternative solution had to be thought of and it was decided that Everything Louder should become a standard website with a gallery being it’s main focus. The first design was launched on Webs but it became a SparklyJacket site one month later.

The new layout of Everything Louder was one of the toughest to get right as the image of Meat Loaf that appeared on the top left of every site page had to remain fixed for the design to work but once that was right the site’s basic design didn’t change for a year. Early pages on Everything Louder included the usual page with biographical information about Meat Loaf, a page supporting a fan campaign that was being run by a group of fans at the time and the galleries, which would be the main focus of the site. Once the website was live, most of the work was on the screencaps and building up the galleries. In December 2010, the campaign page was removed and swapped with a reviews page, which would be launched with a review of Meat Loaf’s concert on 5th December.

In June 2011, Everything Louder was honoured with becoming Celebrity Site of the Day on 8th June and less than a week later underwent another design change to allow it to offer more up to date content such as news.

In late 2011 it was decided that the name Everything Louder was more suited to a website dedicated to sound and video files rather than one focusing on images. It was at that point that former Assistant Manager Sue suggested ‘The Iconic Meat Loaf’. It was felt that the name was fitting for the legendary entertainer the site was dedicated to.

During 2012, The Iconic Meat Loaf welcomed Deena to the team as a Resident Reviewer and underwent several design changes as Graphic Designer, Jenna experimented with the themes. It was also the year of the worldwide release of ‘Hell in a Handbasket’ which featured artwork by The Iconic Meat Loaf’s Graphic Designer Jenna. Unfortunately 2012 also brought sad news as Content Assistant Sue passed away in the October of that year. Her support to the site had been invaluable during the year prior to her death and her contribution to this site will never be forgotten.

In 2013 The Iconic Meat Loaf’s gallery section was reviewed and moved to another platform to make it easier to share the full size graphics. In addition to this, graphics were added in a 1440×900 screen resolution to take into account the changes to modern computer screen sizes. During 2013 The Iconic meat Loaf welcomed Emily to the team as the new Content Assistant and Natalie to the team as the News Editor.

In 2014 The Iconic Meat Loaf welcomed Caryl to the team as a resident reviewer.