Real Name: Michael Lee Aday
Birth Date: September 27th 1947
Dallas, Texas, USA
Between 5’10″ and 6′ (depending on the source)
Eye Colour:
Voice Type: Heldentenor
Parents: His father, Orvis Wesley Aday was a policeman in the Dallas Police force and his mother, Wilma was an English teacher.
Marital Status:
He is married to Deborah Gillespie.
He has two daughters from his previous marriage named Pearl and Amanda.

– He was given the nickname ‘Meat’ by his father when he was a baby because he was bright red. The ‘Loaf’ part of his name was added later.
– He was given the name Marvin Lee Aday when he was born but he changed his name in the 1980′s to Michael.
– He’s cheated death on a number of occasions and has suffered from 17 concussions.
– Despite his nickname, he’s not a big meat eater and has been a vegetarian in the past.
– Enjoys fantasy sports.
– He fell off the stage and broke his leg during a concert at Toronto in 1978 but finished the tour in a wheelchair.
– He is asthmatic and this caused him to collapse at a concert in Pittsburgh in 2011. Despite this he got up and completed the show.
– Attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas.
– His favourite charity is The Painted Turtle and he has raised money for them on several occasions. His appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 earned the charity $204,580.
– The two West Highland Terriers that have a appeared in several of his YouTube videos as well as the ‘In Search of Paradise’ documentary are called Angus and McKenna.
– Says that ‘Objects in the Rear View Mirror’ is the most emotional song for him to sing.
– According to the Q&A Videos he did for his Facebook fans in 2012, he is Lactose Intolerant.
– He underwent a knee replacement in November 2012.

Who Is He?

Meat Loaf is probably best known for his 'Bat Out of Hell' album trilogy which was a collaboration with composer Jim Steinman.

What is he up to?

2016 Canadian Tour
On Sale Now
Meat Loaf will return to Canada this June.

Braver Than We Are
Meat Loaf has reunited with Bat Out Of Hell Composer to record his thirteenth studio album which is due for release in September 2016.


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