“I’m not built to be a celebrity”

“I met Elvis and John Lennon and I was an idiot, a complete moron”

“The only time I get literal is when I give you a positive message and then I become very literal because I want the positive message to really shine”

“You do not measure success by sales or dollars and cents… it is measured by the work, how you feel, and did you give everything you had?”

“They will take anything and blow it out of proportion”

“There is a huge difference in standing on a stage and singing a song and performing a song”

“Right now, in this marketplace, classic songs that people love and listen to, would never have been heard because of how it’s set up”

“What happened yesterday means nothing. That and two fifty will get you a cup of Starbucks”

“Humanity and compassion has gone from human beings. Let’s go back to living and caring.”

“Anything you do is a blessing. You can never have a curse. Even the worst thing you can ever do is not a curse. The worst thing that ever happens to you, there should be so many lessons in it.”

People either Love me or really hate me . I never read “oh I guess he’s ok !! ” So when they write about how much they hate me . Just think how much time they are spending on something they hate . It”s like hating carrots and eating a pound of them.”

“What the world needs is less hate and more love”