Meat’s Bio

Michael Lee Aday (born Marvin Lee Aday), better known by his stage name of Meat Loaf was born on 27th September 1947 at Baylor Hospital, Dallas. The only child of Wilma, a school teacher and Orvis Wesley, a Dallas cop, his early life wasn’t easy.  His father was an alcoholic who would go on drinking binges which lasted several days and because of this Meat would often stay with his grandmother. As a child he was teased by classmates for obesity and even a parent told the little boy that he was too fat to play with their children. As a consequence Meat Loaf got used to playing on his own.


Meat Loaf was not only big for his age but also clumsy and suffered several concussions. During his Sophomore year in high school he was hit on the head by a shotput and was rushed to hospital. During his recovery from this he was so sensitive to sound that his parents had to use paper plates and plastic cutlery and take the bell off of the telephone. His most memorable concussion occurred during college when he was distracted whilst driving and got his head stuck in a steering wheel.

The call of the stage

Meat Loaf attended Thomas Jefferson High School in Dallas where he played defence in his high school football team, however to escape study hall, he took a class in drama which really captured his interest. He was forced to choose between football and acting when his coach gave him an ultimatum, telling him that he couldn’t do both. Meat opted for acting and ended up getting the lead role in ‘Plain and Fancy’. Despite attending college the stage was still calling Meat and after his mother died of cancer he quit college and left Texas to go to Los Angeles.