Meat Loaf FAQ

How did Meat get his nickname?
Over the years Meat has told several stories on how he got his nickname due to the fact that he was asked the question so often. The stories he’s told in the past have included a Volkswagen running over his head, being in an aeroplane crash and only being able to say ‘Meat’ and standing on his football coach’s foot. The ‘Meat’ part of his name was actually given to him by his father when he was a baby because he was bright red and looked like a piece of meat. The ‘Loaf’ part was added when he was in high school and stood on his football coach’s foot and the coach yelled “Get of my foot, you great hunk of Meat Loaf”. The next day he found that the name tape on his locker had been changed to Meat Loaf.

Is his name spelt as one word or two?
His name is spelt as TWO words.

What is his real name?
A number of newspaper articles incorrectly state that his real name is Marvin Lee Aday and whilst he was given the name when he was born, he had his name legally changed in the 1980′s to Michael.

Is Meat married and does he have any children?
Meat is married to Deborah Gillespie and she appeared briefly in his ‘In Search of Paradise’ documentary. He has two daughters named Pearl and Amanda from his previous marriage.

How tall is Meat?
His height varies depending on which source you’re looking at, it ranges between about 5’10″ and 6′.

What colour are his eyes? They seem to vary in colour from time to time.
The change in his eye colour is probably because of adjustments that may have been made to photographs and also the quality of the film. However Jenna noticed when meeting him that his eyes were a lovely hazel colour.

He has a pretty distinct sounding voice. What is his voice type?
He is a Heldentenor, which is a large and dramatic sounding tenor voice.

Does he have any tattoos? If so, what does he have and where?
He claims that he’s afraid of needles and judging by his reaction to Donald Trump bringing up the subject of tattoos in Celebrity Apprentice, we’ve come to the conclusion that he doesn’t have any.

How old was he when he learnt to play the guitar?
Meat has joked that he’s never actually learnt to play the guitar although he knows a few chords. He said in one interview that his inability to tune them properly prevented him from playing.

Where can I write to Meat? Can you forward my letter to him?
We are an unofficial fansite and do not have any way of forwarding messages to Meat. You are welcome to try writing to him at either of these addresses but we canno guarantee that you will recieve a reply.

Meat Loaf
c/o Azoffmusic Management
1100 Glendon Ave Ste 2000
Los Angeles, CA 90024,

Meat Loaf
Greene and Associates Talent Agency
1901 Avenue Of The Stars
Suite 130
Los Angeles, CA 90067

How can I meet him?
Meet and Greets are sometimes available for purchase as a package (which also included a good seat at the show as well as merchandise) when Meat Loaf is on tour. You may also be able to meet him at album signings which he will occasionally do in promotion of a new album. His official website is an ideal place to check for news.

Does Meat have Facebook or Twitter?
Meat has both a Facebook and a Twitter page both of which have been verified and are regularly updated.